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-Blood Money. First game that I saw on the Amiga
-Kick Off. I was used to slow football games. When I saw this my jaws dropped to the floor.
-Super Hang On on the ST
-Turrican 2 on the ST. One of my fave games ever
-Target Renegade on the CPC. This beat em up was kicking ass
-Max Payne on the PC. Bought my first PC because I really wanted to play this one.
-Quake. Thank god I did have read/write access to the PC in the uni and the super duper network. First on-line gaming for me and a complete mayhem.
-Robocop on the CPC. Serve the Public Trust, but hey, I can listen this through the crappy CPC speaker
-Last Ninja C64. What an awesome surprise this one was. Still play it rhough emulators these days
-TV Sports Basketball. I still think this one is one of the most underrated games on any platform, yet one of the best basketball games ever.
-Shinobi (arcades). Wow, wow, wow! If I had all the money I spent on this one, I would be Richard Branson today
-Double Dragon (Arcades) See above.
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