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Mario 64 (of course and still far better than anything else)

Zelda (Graphics were simply amazing and felt like being in a virtual world)
Game was to die for as well

Elite c64(Iv'e probably not been bowled over quite so much as this game)
It felt so real and i wish developers would pull there fingers out
their arse and make the best Elite game ever.Tired of waiting.

Goldeneye(Just because it played so damn well.Graphics were great also)

Sword of Sodan(Graphics music and sound were very high quality and i )
truely was astounded at the time.

Radiant Silvergun(Worth every penny i paid for it second time round at )
£103 and simply the best shooter of it's type.In a class
of it's own.

Nights(Pure fun and unlike any other game , it's dream like quality was )
what impressed me most

Sentinel (Amiga - Again nothing like it.So wierd yet totally believable

Rescue on Fractulas (This was very tense when you were for potential )
aliens to board your craft instead of your own pilots
super atmosphere and graphics at the time

F18 Interceptor(It was very impressive and made me very jealous at the )
time with it's sound and cool graphics - i had an ST

Starblade (Stunning arcade experience for me to the point that i chucked)
in £10 so i could complete it

The Pawn(First game i got for my St.It amazed the bolax off me)
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