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Okay, older games that really made me go wow, that really blew me away:

On Amiga:
Another World - best cinematic game experience ever. Coolest intro too.
Gods - the graphics, the sounds, the title music, the ancient setting
Speedball 2 - "Playing by the seat of your pants" gets redefined in this game.
Wings - dogfights at their best
It Came From the Desert - I loved the story, the sense of desperation as the time passed, and the nostalgia of the game
Shadow of the Beast - gorgeous graphics, music and atmosphere
Moonstone - so much fun! So much blood!
Shadow Fighter - finally, a decent Street Fighter clone on Amiga! I had been waiting years!!!

Doom - The scary enemies, the misery-laced music, the overwhelming sense of dread...the game really was Hell.
Quake - Similar reasons as above, but this game felt more like a Lovecraftian nightmare.
Half-Life - great story, great immersion.
Thief 2 - excellent atmosphere, the coolest anti-hero in a game, the best stealth game out there.
Crusader: No Regret - the best boy's game. Heaps of ridiculously powerful guns and heaps of enemies. Everything is destructable, meaty explosions, great action.
DethKarz - gorgeous graphics, very playable car combat racer.
Alone in the Dark: A very moody and scary experience.
Planescape: Torment - Not a game, but an experience. Its lack of sales proves that today's gamers are stupid.

Mega Drive:
Streets of Rage 2 - perhaps my favourite scrolling Beat em Up
Splatter House 2 & 3 - I never knew games could be so twisted!

Castlevania 1 & 3 - gorgeous gothic platformers

Mortal Kombat series - My favourite fighters. Brutal, hard hitting and ultra fun. MKII is my favourite.
Lucky & Wild - ridiculously entertaining driving shooter.
Final Fight - classic beat em up that still holds it own against most modern day competitors.
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