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Games that made me go WOW!:

Berzerk (arcade) - one of the first arcade games I ever saw and it had digitized speech and laser sounds!

Montezuma's Revenge (Atari 800) - unbelievable number of screens (for the time) to explore and no stupid time limit (rare for the time)

Ballblazer (Atari 800) - first 3D game I ever saw... it was split screen two player and you could see the other player in 3D! It wasn't "real 3D" of course, but two players moving independently in (multi-colour non-wireframe) 3D was bloody amazing on an 8-bit computer

Faery Tale (Amiga) - unbelievably huge game that takes weeks to explore

Shadow of the Beast (Amiga) - unbelievable colours and graphics, unbelievable music, unbelievable speed, unbelievable parallax scrolling (...ahem...unbelievably average to poor gameplay....*cough*)

DOOM (PC) - amazing 3D detail and endless gaming possibilities (and loads of fun getting monsters caught in the crossfire and watching them attack each other)

Half-Life (PC) - amazing 3D game interaction (not just blowing away guys, but requiring some thought)

Besides these, there were lots of great and impressive games, but they didn't really make me go "WOW!" like these games did.

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