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Originally Posted by extentofmysin
Nice, mustve taken a fair while, was it difficult to set it all
up to run straight from the disc? There must be programs to let
you do it all, if not id probably not get very far not knowing much
about the pc registry. It would be nice to know how though.
Any helpful websites? At the moment I stop somewhere around
very simple sinclair spectrum +3 basic programming
Well, first of all it took me ages to select / download the 1200+ SNES roms that I wanted to include. It then took me roughly another month to plan the structure / write the SETUP.BAT / test. This was all done about a year before I actually posting on EAB...

As you can see from the start / end date of the thread, it took roughly another 1.5 months of hard work (getting some very good suggestions / feedback, adding in extra menu options / another emulator and finally adding the autorun.exe)

I'm no programmer, I just wrote one killer batch file to handle everything I wanted to achieve (menus, working out your first CD / DVD drive, writing temp files to record choices, running registry settings etc). Once totally complete, I then used a program to change the .BAT file into an .EXE file...

There are probably programs that would allow you to do the same thing e.g. AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0 but that in itself would have taken me ages to learn / figure out. Basically I decided to use batch files as I could see what I wanted to achieve and also how to get there logically

Originally Posted by extentofmysin
Have you done a graphical menu for selecting each snes game
as it starts up on your dvd? Id love to see that if you could post screenshots
The frontend LusSpace shows game titles, there a picture of this on the first page of the thread

PS. Sent you a PM...
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