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Originally Posted by keropi
2D gfx??? SNES game Yoshi's Island that uses that extra dsp
chip... I like the giga-sprites and the fluid rotations!
also enjoyed Castlevania SOTN on the psx... excellent!
and I really enjoyed 3D ps2 games, when I got one 3 years ago! they made an impression to me! and quake for pc too...
Never played CastleVania SOTN, might have to hunt that one out some day.

Aaaaargh! I forgot all about Yoshis Island! wasnt there a sequel (that wasnt
that great) on the N64? ..also forgot that the fact that the original
Starfox/Starwing on the SNES was in polygon 3d, I played that one to
death and the N64 update wasnt bad either. The SNES had its fair share
of enhanced games, but even the bog standard mode 7 chip fitted some
so well, eg SNES F-Zero with its futuristic glittery look. N64 version again
was a good update, surely one of the fastest racers ever.

As for the best SNES games, thats prob another topic all on its own.. just
dont mention RPGs, or youll get everyone going! the time I only
really got into Secret of Mana, now that one really should be released some
day on the GBA/DS if it hasnt already.

Still, nothing has astounded me as much as Mario 64 and MD Sonic.
oh dear. lol
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