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Big grin Which 2D and 3D games from yesteryear made you go "WOOOOOOWWWW!!!!"

Ive been playing games since the Speccy, but I can honestly say that
perhaps the only games ever to make me go "!" in amazement were
from the 1990s... in my case, probably Sonic the Hedgehog on the
Genesis/MD, and Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64. No, really. A bit 'mainstream'
- not very close to home, and you can argue that perhaps only having a
Spectrum as a computer, I probably would have been impressed with just
about anything () - but still!

Sonic was a real showcase for the Megadrive though in the early 90s, and
the speed really set it apart from the rest. It also helped that it was a very
good title playability wise with plenty to seek out, even if it was a little
easy for some. Unarguably, it plays much better than any recent gba or DS
sequels.. why the original 3 games havent been released Ive no idea.. Sega?

You can argue over the fact as to whether Mario 64 is now truly a retro
title, since it IS in proper fully explorable 3D (is it too early in the '00s to call
any 3D adventure title truly retro)?..but having said that, it was one of the first,
and is already a whopping ten years old, released late 1996 if I remember
correctly.. so time sure does fly. Or maybe Im just getting very old- does
time pass so much quicker as you get older and older? blink and I'll be in my
80's haha - urk!

Great games that came close for me:
Bak2Skool - Spectrum (the school theme probably helped a little)
Dark Star - Spectrum (very playable space shooter)
Fantasy World Dizzy - Spectrum (and with full 128k audio! lol)
Final Fantasy VII - Playstation (great gfx, story and lastability)
Glass - Spectrum (a very out of the ordinary shooting game if I remember)
Mortal Kombat I, II and III - arcade (huge hype helped here, but MK3 best!)
Ridge Racer - Playstation (arcade perfect 3d racer! seemed at the time anyway-haha.
that one track still let it down, although nobody really noticed at the time)
Target Renegade (R2) - Spectrum (also with an impressive full 128k soundtrack! lol)
TMNTurtles - Spectrum (and in full colour! ish. lol)
Streets Of Rage/Golden Axe - Megadrive (proper arcade gaming in the home.
even if it was never (?) released in the arcades... think SOR2 was
but the MD release was first)..

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