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I can't recall seeing the clip of Gods on GM, but it's likely the SNES version if it was very colourful (the main sprite gives the game away - purple?). The PC version has a dire blue sky, the ST version did a raster job to get a similar effect to the Amiga copper list. The SNES/Genesis version also has some different level background gfx, with that parallax layer, plus they ran quicker and allowed jump direction change. Overall the Amiga had the best sound samples I think (plus that intro track of course), even if it did not have the in-game music of the consoles.

Talking of Gods, I think I remember seeing an early beta on the ITV show Motormouth once, which also had Magic Pockets as a phone-game I believe. I'm sure the Bitmaps were on there messing about with a level designer tool, allowing them to drop objects in etc. Also, the early Herc had a speedballer helmet (some early mag shots showed this).


ps. Bitmap trivia - there is also an early mag shot of Chaos Engine showing bat-like creatures on World 2, which never made it!
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