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Here is the log from starting up miamidx, connecting, iconifying and then loading up ibrowse and go to

SnoopDos Log
SnoopDos logging started on Wednesday, 02-Sep-92 at 12:35:26

 Count Process Name       Action     Target Name                 Options Res.
 ----- ------------       ------     -----------                 ------- ----
 1     AmiDock            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/MiamiDX                  
 2     WBL                ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/MiamiDX                  
/3     WBL                Load       MiamiDx                                 
 4     AmiDock            ChangeDir  OS3.9:WBStartup                         
\3     WBL                Load       MiamiDx                             OK  
 5     WBL                ChangeDir  SYS:                                    
 6     MiamiDx            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/MiamiDX                  
 7     MiamiDx            Open       con:10/10/320/80/MiamiDx/au Write   OK  
 8     MiamiDx            Open       *                           Read    OK  
 9     MiamiDx            Open       Miami:Miami.key1            Read    OK  
 10    MiamiDx            Open       Miami:Miami.key2            Read    OK  
 11    MiamiDx            Open       Miami:MiamiDx.key           Read    OK  
 12    MiamiDx            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/MiamiDX/Libs             
 13    MiamiDx            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/MiamiDX                  
 14    MiamiDx            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/MiamiDX                  
 15    MiamiDx            Open                Read    OK  
 16    MiamiDx            ToolType   PACKETDEBUG                         Fail
 17    MiamiDx            ToolType   DONTCONNECT                         Fail
 18    MiamiDx            ToolType   SETTINGS                            Fail
 19    MiamiDx            ToolType   AREXX                               Fail
 20    MiamiDx            ToolType   PUBSCREEN                           Fail
 21    MiamiDx            ToolType   GUI                                 Fail
 22    MiamiDx            ToolType   NOGUI                               Fail
 23    MiamiDx            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/MiamiDX                  
 24    MiamiDx            Open       Miami:MiamiDx.default       Read    OK  
 25    ramlib             Load       Miami:Libs/MUI.MiamiDxGui           OK  
 26    ramlib             Load       LIBS:muimaster.library              OK  
 27    ramlib             Load       LIBS:muigfx.library                 OK  
 28    ramlib             Load       LIBS:muilowlevel.library            OK  
 29    ramlib             Load       LIBS:screennotify.library           Fail
 30    ramlib             Load       screennotify.library                Fail
 31    MiamiDx            Open       keypath:mui.key             Read    Fail
 32    MiamiDx            Open       keyfiles:mui.key            Read    Fail
 33    MiamiDx            Open       S:mui.key                   Read    Fail
 34    MiamiDx            Open       L:mui.key                   Read    Fail
 35    MiamiDx            Open       DEVS:mui.key                Read    Fail
 36    MiamiDx            Open       LIBS:mui.key                Read    Fail
 37    MiamiDx            Open       keypath:mui.key             Read    Fail
 38    MiamiDx            Open       keyfiles:mui.key            Read    Fail
 39    MiamiDx            Open       S:mui.key                   Read    Fail
 40    MiamiDx            Open       L:mui.key                   Read    Fail
 41    MiamiDx            Open       DEVS:mui.key                Read    Fail
 42    MiamiDx            Open       LIBS:mui.key                Read    Fail
 43    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/Virtgroup.mui              OK  
 44    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/Scrollgroup.mui            OK  
 45    ramlib             Load       LIBS:screennotify.library           Fail
 46    ramlib             Load       screennotify.library                Fail
 47    ramlib             Load       DEVS:prism2.device                  Fail
 48    ramlib             Load       prism2.device                       Fail
 49    ramlib             Load       DEVS:prism2.device                  Fail
 50    ramlib             Load       prism2.device                       Fail
 51    ramlib             Load       DEVS:Networks/prism2.device         OK  
 52    ramlib             Load       LIBS:prometheus.library             Fail
 53    ramlib             Load       prometheus.library                  Fail
 54    ramlib             Load       LIBS:powerpci.library               Fail
 55    ramlib             Load       powerpci.library                    Fail
 56    ramlib             Load       LIBS:pccard.library                 OK  
 57    ramlib             Load       LIBS:Busy.mcc                       Fail
 58    ramlib             Load       Busy.mcc                            Fail
 59    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/Busy.mcc                   OK  
 60    MiamiDx            Open       ENV:Sys/def_MiamiAppOnline. Read    OK  
 61    ramlib             Load       LIBS:muiconfig.library              OK  
 62    MiamiDx            Open       env:mui/MIAMIDELUXE.1.prefs Read    Fail
 63    MiamiDx            MakeDir    env:mui                             OK  
 64    MiamiDx            Open       env:mui/MIAMIDELUXE.1.prefs Write   OK  
 65    AmiDock            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse                  
 66    WBL                ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse                  
/67    WBL                Load       IBrowse                                 
 68    AmiDock            ChangeDir  OS3.9:WBStartup                         
\67    WBL                Load       IBrowse                             OK  
 69    WBL                ChangeDir  SYS:                                    
 70    IBrowse            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse                  
 71    IBrowse            Open       OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse/IBro Read    OK  
 72    IBrowse            ToolType   CONFIGDIR                           Fail
 73    IBrowse            ToolType   URL                                 Fail
 74    IBrowse            ToolType   NOEDITHOTLIST                       Fail
 75    IBrowse            ToolType   NOPREFS                             Fail
 76    IBrowse            Open       PROGDIR:IBrowse.prefs       Read    OK  
 77    ramlib             Load       LIBS:Listtree.mcc                   Fail
 78    ramlib             Load       Listtree.mcc                        Fail
 79    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/Listtree.mcc               OK  
 80    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/Floattext.mui              OK  
 81    ramlib             Load       LIBS:Newstring.mcc                  Fail
 82    ramlib             Load       Newstring.mcc                       Fail
 83    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/Newstring.mcc              OK  
 84    ramlib             Load       LIBS:NList.mcc                      Fail
 85    ramlib             Load       NList.mcc                           Fail
 86    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/NList.mcc                  OK  
 87    ramlib             Load       LIBS:mui/Popasl.mui                 OK  
 88    IBrowse            Open       OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse/ibro Read    Fail
 89    IBrowse            Open       OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse/Hotl Read    Fail
 90    IBrowse            Open       OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse/.ibr Read    Fail
 91    ramlib             Load       LIBS:screennotify.library           Fail
 92    ramlib             Load       screennotify.library                Fail
 93    IBrowse            Open       PROGDIR:IBrowse2Key         Read    Fail
 94    IBrowse            Open       s:WACL.conf                 Read    Fail
 95    IBrowse            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse/Cach             
 96    IBrowse            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse/Cach             
 97    IBrowse            Delete     GlobalCache                         Fail
 98    IBrowse            Open       GlobalCacheTempB            Read    OK  
 99    IBrowse            ChangeDir  OS3.9:Internet/IBrowse/Cach             
 100   IBrowse            MakeDir    databases                           Fail
Looks like it fails when 'making databases' or something..

Any ideas?

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