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I have finished and still do it ^^ :

- Lionheart (every difficulty modes + both endings, no cheating and EACH bonus or lives picked up!).
- Jim power (game mastered straight to the end, all bonus picked up + huge amount of lives even on level 5)
- Pang (ouch how hard it is lol)
- Turrican (know all positions of every exits. even the ones that completely
out of positions!)
- Twinworld (this one requires quite a lot of time, 'cause of ennemies positions and shots, the rest is p'ea' o' cake lol)
hint for this one : 2 amulet pieces must be found in the last level !
- Cannon Fodder 1 : All mission and all tricks mastered. i must find time
to make a HUGE walktrhough for this one.
- Cannon Fodder 2 : All mission mastered, even the almost impossible ones !
most very well hidden bonus found ^^. I have created a big walktrhough
for this one, detailed right to the tails ^^, with how defeating without being killed.

Oups forgot New Zealand story, excellent one ! even the drifty level 5-4
i got thru it right away ^^
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