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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
Oh, well, yes, that... and the fact that the game has the choppiest scroll EVER (considering how well polished the game is its other areas)...

... understand it must be the fact that I've never seen someone comment on this... with this very game... doesn't people bother? Doesn't people see the choppy scrolling? I'm amazed. To say, the least...

I think it is such a shame, because I do REALLY think that this game shows extreme potential. But, as it plays right now... I couldn't bother less about playing the game.
i couldnĀ“t agree more!!! the scrolling is so bad, my eyes begin to hurt after a few minutes playing, so i cannot really play this game!!! really awful and a pity, cause the game looks otherwise rather cool. the only game even worse worth mentioning in this respect was magic pockets from the bitmaps.
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