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Originally Posted by Dastardly
Ruff n Tumble

Now this is a great game but the fact that when you shoot diagonally while standing on a slope, the bullets dont fire at the same angle as the slope, just ruins it for me. If youre standing on a slope facing downwards (or upwards) and trying to shoot an oncoming baddie, your bullets shoot into the ground a short distance in front of you. This means that you have to wait until the baddie is virtually on top of you before you hit it.

This was either a major oversight by the developers or a stupid decision.

Such a shame, I think it'd be in my top 5 if not for this one annoyance.
Oh, well, yes, that... and the fact that the game has the choppiest scroll EVER (considering how well polished the game is its other areas). I am aware of the fact that I might be rather extreme when it comes to scrolling. If the game runs in 50Hz, well, then the game shall update with 50FPS (and preferably also not scroll the screen with too many pixels each frame)... not 25FPS like all the Bitmap Brothers games... and especially not like Ruff'n Tumble which have the choppiest screen update / scrolling of all the quality games out there for the Amiga (that I can think of, well, maybe the Chaos Engine comes pretty close since it also suffers from major slowdowns at times). But, if there is one thing I can't understand it must be the fact that I've never seen someone comment on this... with this very game... doesn't people bother? Doesn't people see the choppy scrolling? I'm amazed. To say, the least...

I think it is such a shame, because I do REALLY think that this game shows extreme potential. But, as it plays right now... I couldn't bother less about playing the game.
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