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Rocket Ranger: was my main reason buying an A1010 ext drive!

But once I got more memory, I just put the 1 game floppy in the RAD ramdrive and that was a lot better! And once I had the A4000, it was even more easy, independant of the 040/060 CPU, instant next scenes (did the same for another Cinemaware classic: It Came From The Desert I & II, making it much more fun to play the instant way, moreover merging the two games into a 3x 880K ramdrive with a simple hex editor, was only a few files difference between the original & sequel)

But if I think of the advantages, I remember Sinbad & The Throne of the falcon was not really useful to put into RAD, although that worked and made it extremely fast in loading, it caused the last text balloon after a scene to disappear immediately because it already loaded the next scene instantly; seemingly the programmers used the slow drive loading to actually control the in-game scene timing...maybe realistic in 1987, but not a few years later!
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