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Cool Akiko is out to grab

Since no-one's mentioned it already, just thought I'd remind you homies that a demo version of Akiko is out.

Akiko is a launcher/WinUAE combo that's designed specifically to run CD³²/CDTV games. It claims that you only need the traditional Kick 3.1 rom (for CD³²) or Kick 1.3 rom (for CDTV) in order to run games. It uses a specially coded WinUAE to do the emulation job.

So far it looks like you can only run the game off actual CDs, and not be able to directly load ISO/BIN/NRG images into memory. Unless Daemon Tools will help? (But I'm not sure how to use it.)

Check out for more details. And to grab it. Of course.

Amigaboy mentioned it on the Amiga CD³² board a while ago, but it seems he's suddenly gone quiet as of late.... :theparano Has someone gagged him and thrown him in a dark cupboard or basement or something??
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