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yes i have run strider on mame on my amiga 1200.

2 things : the CPS1 system is very near technologically from A1200.
I have checked many things, the hardware, the way it operates.
The CPS1 system is PLANAR like the amiga, and best of all, CPS1 games never
display more than 256 colors at the same time on screen.

It's fucking slow for 2 reason : mame has never been optimised for amiga.
it transform the CPS1 planar screens to Chunky display and reconvert to planar on amiga 1200/4000.

If mame was corrected to support plain PLANAR display, and then push the
data on stack on the amiga, the machine could be able to power any CPS1 games.

the second reason is the sound hardware to support. you'd need to convert
to mod each sound file, or have a soundcard like delphina, or having a stronger 680X0 to push on the sound via AHI system.

and also, we have enough memory to stock the game graphics in 16 mb of fast memory.....

but who can do a nicer conversion of mame ? hmm ? ^^
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