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Registered in the 90s - and it was worth every penny!!! WHDLOAD is certainly the best app I ever saw on the Amiga, I simply love it.

Without whdload, I would have thrown away all my Amigas a long time ago. Thanks to whdload, I now have 7 Amiga 1200s and still use them nearly every day. Ok, at least every week, if my time allows.

I even named my first child after my then favorite patcher, Sven.

Beside the whdload site with all the work fantastic from Bert and the other install writers, especially KillerGorillas site is absolutely brilliant. I do have far more than 1000 amiga originals, but of course i don´t own all games that have been patched so far. Thanks to KillerGorilla I can play them all! His site is the ideal supplementary site to Berts official whdload site!

I would love to meet Sven and Bert at this years games convention in Leipzig, but I fear that family & job won´t allow me this trip.
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