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Not many Amiga games that I completed without cheating.

Lionheart - Completed in one day after about a week of trying. (completed again 'bout half year ago, again without cheating and second time to get different ending with cheats to skip levels) It took about a day.

Superfrog - The best jump'n'run platformer on Amiga IMHO. It took me couple days with passwords to finish, and then later I did one run from the start to the end. It's been more then 10 years since I completed it, but still think that ending was hillarious and unexpected.

Colonization - This happened once I got A590 and rented the game in germany (and about half year before I moved in the States). Cool game, and I just finished Win and DOS versions recently (first one with the cheats, and second one without the cheats). I found some difference in interface between those versions and DOS version was my favorite.

Street Fighter 2 - Almost broke my joystick on this one.

Flashback - First time I played with my cousin on his A500 and we came almost to end of the game, but I had to go. Then I finished it on my A500+ couple of times, every time taking less and less time to complete. One of the best endings on miggy.

Shangai - This came with my A500+ and it took me a lot of time to complete the game. It scared me after I did.

I cheated in many games or used walkthrough for the games such as Simon 1, MI1 but some games I tried to finish and never got to the end after long plays. One of them is Burntime, where I had ~90% of territory covered but could not figure out what to do next. Same goes for Settler 1, which I played long time, but never finished it. Some of those games I finished later on PC (UFO, Civilization etc.)
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