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Ive never heard anyone critisise the music in Xenon II before. Were you around when it was originally released? The music was/is fantastic and as far as Im aware, groundbreaking in terms of games. I can understand your other critisisms to a certain extent, Xenon II hasnt aged as well as some other games but I still love it despite not being a shmup player.
I don't know if I have missed out on something here. I do remember the hype, especially concerning the music. And, yes, it was VERY unusual to use a 'commercial' track as a soundtrack to a game. The title music and the ingame music is based around the same track. And the ingame music is played ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE GAME (unless there is something very wrong which my version of the game). No matter how groundbreaking it was back in the days, the 'theme' tends to get somewhat tedious rather quickly. I find it extremely monotomous. Actually, I do find the entire game rather monotomous in its design. R-Type for the SMS, which was released a whole year before Xenon II, feels way more dynamic (and has, according to me, a soundtrack worth to kill for, in comparasion, just like Gradius, or Salamander, or blah blah).

I and lots of people I know have completed Gods many times over. If you ever visit our site, check out the gods section of the forum to see some REAL hardcore Gods players. The only thing I can say is maybe Gods is impossible for YOU
No, I am pretty sure I would be able to beat the game if I gave it some time. Problem is, I think the game is so dreadful to play, mostly because of its jerky controls and choppy scrolling but also thanks to the respawning enemies and rather bland level design, that I simply can't motivate myself to play the game from beginning to end. I have no doubt whatsoever that there are people that finds this game rather simple to beat, but what I can't understand is how the game can be so praised by so many when it is, according to me, so extremely flawed.

It is way too obvious that Gods is a rather simple port from the Atari ST (correct me if I am wrong here). I mean, why haven't they bothered about using the Amiga hardware to make the scroll smooth (why did Bitmap Brothers NEVER do this? Not one single of their Amiga versions of their games runs in full 50FPS with smooth scroll)?

Update: Yep, I will check out the site, by the way... I've visited before, and I think it is a lovely site with really nice design and tonnes of information! It is a shame that I think that The Bitmap Brothers never managed to pull through this perfect Amiga game. I love the The Chaos Engine (but as usual I hate the jerky scrolling and unmotivated slowdowns which occur every now and then) and I enjoy Cadaver. Argh. I hate to love them. Or I love to hate them. Or I hate to have to hate them. I don't know which. I do a bit of all, actually. A love and hate relation.

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