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Originally Posted by Legerdemain

Xenon II
- Crappy scrolling
- Crappy music (how tired doesn't one get of that damn loop after some 2 minutes or something)
- Jerky controls
- Monotomous and extremely repetative levels

- Crappy scrolling
- Crappy controls
- Jerky and SLOW controls
- With the above in mind: respawning monsters from hell (with such lousy controls the game renders almost impossible)
- Tedius level design, which at least to me, feels utterly uninspiring
Fair enough everyones entitled to their opinion (however wrong ) but Id like to respond to 2 of your critisisms.

Xenon II

Ive never heard anyone critisise the music in Xenon II before. Were you around when it was originally released? The music was/is fantastic and as far as Im aware, groundbreaking in terms of games. I can understand your other critisisms to a certain extent, Xenon II hasnt aged as well as some other games but I still love it despite not being a shmup player.


"with such lousy controls the game renders almost impossible"

I and lots of people I know have completed Gods many times over. If you ever visit our site, check out the gods section of the forum to see some REAL hardcore Gods players. The only thing I can say is maybe Gods is impossible for YOU
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