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Oh, dear, too many posts to read through... so I just have a go at it anyways, with the risk of repeating much already said:

Xenon II
- Crappy scrolling
- Crappy music (how tired doesn't one get of that damn loop after some 2 minutes or something)
- Jerky controls
- Monotomous and extremely repetative levels

- Crappy scrolling
- Crappy controls
- Jerky and SLOW controls
- With the above in mind: respawning monsters from hell (with such lousy controls the game renders almost impossible)
- Tedius level design, which at least to me, feels utterly uninspiring

Project X
+ Lovely graphics
+ Nice music and sound effects
+ Nice and unusual controls
- Too damn large levels
- Too damn hard
- Too repetative and monotomous levels (minus the hyperspeed one which is hillarious and fun)

- Buggy and very crash friendly
- Jerky controls
- Jerky movement of characters
- Almost impossible to beat thankt to the lousy controls (oh, a dragon, oh, I didn't manage to, damn, oh, game over? damn)

- The 68k ClickBoom version simply isn't playable, according to me. Not even on a 060. Yes, you can always alter the graphics to get some more FPS... but the game simply doesn't run as it was intended when initially released for the PC. Some people might feel that it is enough to make them satisfied. I don't. And I can't understand why ClickBoom even bothered about releasing the game (and neither can I understand why on earth most magazines reviewing the game went completely bonkers). Yes. It is Quake on the Amiga. But. No. It doesn't run ANYTHING like it was intended to run.

- I would have praised this game if it weren't for the fact that the scrolling is CATASTROPHAL. What? Jerky? What? 4-5 pixels at a time? It feels like playing an old MSX game with no hardware support for scrolling. I love the game in itself, but thanks to the scrolling I merely bother to play it for like 20 seconds before I get so upset that I just have to turn it off. WHAT ON EARTH WHERE THEY THINKING (I guess this one would do rather well in the other thread that is somewhat related to this thread, but thanks to the lousy scrolling I just have to rate this game low... really low)?

Oh, there's more... I'm just getting too upset to name more at the moment...

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