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Without getting into a debate... look at it this way Andypoos. You add up how much you spent on purchasing your A500 all those years ago, then add up every single game/hardware, etc. you've bought.... lost track? Works out to a fair bit! I've been there and I nearly gave myself a heart attack at just the rough estimate!

Now its 2006, and you either "extract" the ROM from your A500 (as RetroMan pointed out), but you are then limited to games for the A500.... or for a measly sum, buy the copyright kickstart ROMS (every one in existance for EVERY Amiga produced) required within Amiga emulators and then have access to 5500 and more games/pd/demos/applications/music, etc, etc. for FREE.

Admittedly, I was surprised as you were when I had to "buy" the kickstart ROMS but when you put everything in perspective and work out what you spent years ago and to what you have to spend now to get your hands on all those free classics.... I rest my case. btw, I still have an A1200.

Originally Posted by Andypoos
I don't intend to buy any new software for the amiga emulator and if I did then I would naturally pay for it.
Fair point. You can still buy games, through the likes of eBay, even within eab>marketplace, etc. Heck, you can even transfer all the free games (adfs) on the internet back to disk to play on your real Amiga A500.

Anyhow, the above is just my own opinion. As RetroMan has pointed out, there are cheap CDs around that have Kickstart ROMS on them to get you started. As for emulating the Amiga, the reliabilty of WinUAE has gone from strength to strength and is so much more stable now (I've no complaints!). Someone on EAB is always on hand to answer any questions, queries, etc. you may have.

btw, I'd be very interested in your list of 200 games.... you could be a major contributor to the Hall of Light (Amiga database) if you have some rare gems!

Hope all goes well.
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