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Originally Posted by DDNI
Welcome to EAB! Be careful with the Amiga nostalgia trip, it can get very addictive!

Why should you get Kickstarts or Workbench for free?
There are many coders writing software and many companies still producing hardware for the Amiga. It is not an abandonware system, and as such its OS and ROMs are not Public Domain.
Thank you for the welcome. I understand what you are saying, however, I only intend to use an Amiga emulator on my PC to play games 15 years old. Surely the copyright is with the companys who wrote the games, not with the Amiga and besides I OWN an Amiga 500.

I don't intend to buy any new software for the amiga emulator and if I did then I would naturally pay for it.

This just isn't right.
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