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I figure it comes down to estrogen being many times superceeded by testosterone *can be caused by high dose's of adrenaline (and thier bodies not being used to it) kinda puts them on a high buzz..

this also could explane why when a lot of girls (young women) got out and get drunk there behavour is more loutish that that of young men (considering some of my m8s thats not overly suprising) however i remember seeing a documentary that had exposed such an hypothesis where alcohol reduces the estrogen in the blood stream, thus causing a superceeded imbalance of testorone and hence overall behavour, stating that males in such case are used to high levels but specifically are condition social to deal better with it..

quite interesting infact... i think it was horizon...

err kinda off topic... but hey can't beat a bit of biochemistry for a monday morning.
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