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Originally Posted by Zetr0
you tell that to my 11year old daughter after the 20th spanking on tekken 1,2 or 3....

she gets violent!!!! and goes off to play need for speed: most wanted just to smash the cops up... its concerning!!!!!

if not that, straight onto Call of Duty to cull a few hundred nazi's or Quake to expire a few strogg!!!

mind you, there was time when we both played mortal kombat 2 on the snes emulator. and she had found out that if you held down two keys on the keyboard my keys would not respond so i ended up receiving a serious kicking!

what can i say...... i have taught her the fundementals in life
yea my sis is violent we were playing
swat co-op your not suppose to shoot the crims your supposed to arrest them
she cuffed a crim then said YA CUFFED she blew his HEAD OFF she coulndt stop laughing girls are more voilent than us men
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