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Originally Posted by quahappy
Beat the black car?! Impressive! That is the one thing I've never been able to do in RR..... the shame of it. How old is she? If you tell me she is 10 or something I'm just gonna crawl in a hole and die.... I'm kidding! I think it's great now, this down and age that computer games appeal to both sexes. I certainly wouldn't feel ashamed being beaten by a girl.... unless I ended up in hospital then I'd say she was taking it too far.
yeah i cant beleive she beat that black car we can now drive it its a cool car all the mags said u need to do a perfercet lap
she was around 14 when beat the car
she gets me threw hard spots on games like on ninja gaiden
her fave game was balders gate on the ps2 we played it co-op

weve completed these co-op rpg's
nevewinter nights 1+2 and exp packs
balders gate 1+2
champions of norath
weve nearly clocked titan quest

weve completed loads more normal games

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