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Bards Tale, Alternate Reality: The Dungeon (and The City), and a lot of other fantasy SSI games (except the Pool of Radiance serie and spin offs)

i'm not sure if my hostility to them is wrongly placed and it is just a matter of the time passed from their publication and of the change of 1)attitude toward gameplay 2)patience of the user in learning the gameplay. of course when you are a kid, learning comes easier and you are more dedicated in understanding and you have more time and patience for it.
but now, i look at these games and they are hugely SLOW, without the interaction that they are famed to sport, they make you feel like a dumb and blind character in a sealed box trying to understand and affect what happens outside while you are you are quickly dying of a massive and sudden hemorroid and little goblins are throwing incendiary arrows at your knees.
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