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Originally Posted by Minuous about Worms 2 player
No, still waiting for Kaillera to be finished. But most games that allow simultaneous 2-player mode are better in that mode, it doesn't really prove anything to say this. So it might be alright in 2p mode but not in 1p mode, whereas a lot of other games (eg. Turbo, Firepower, Gauntlet 2, Stunt Car Racer etc.) are fun in either mode.

i know this thread is old, but i've had Worms (and worms DC) setup for playing on Kaillera since well before that post was made.... (always a good idea to check my list in the Kaillera section of the forum)

and its for the very reason you stated (that many games are much better in multiplayer) that i set it up! dont agree with Gauntlet 2 being any good on 1player though.... i love it on the Speccy, but all the other versions are too slow to be enjoyable on 1 player.

on-topic: I find BloodMoney over-rated myself.... it has a nice tune and the graphics look pretty at first, i just dont think it handles very well for a shoot-em-up.... gimmie Xenon II anyday!
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