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Hehe, for several years now every summer when I go the beach to play arcades, there is this fighting game called Killer Instinct which I am THE best player in entire Sweden, possibly world (I'm not kidding, I'm that good). I go there just for the KI game.... I wait for kids to come and play it... then I say like:

- Whoa, cool game. Can I play too?

They mostly agrees to play against me.. and while I prepare (putting coins in and stuff) they give me pointers and hints on how to play.. Then the first round I go easy on them... almost loosing.. then the second round I KICK THEIR ASSES!! ... And when they are dead and I can continue on the same credit against the computer, I show off all I have, playing in the secret HIGH speed mode (hold pl1 and pl2 joystick right and press start at the character commencing screen), the speed is increased like 300%. I do super combos, monster combos.. finishes of with ULTRA COMBOOO.....which is like 50 hits in a row...completing the whole game with just one credit.... they always got the look like "WTF!?".... then enter my initials: KRC... which is all there is in the list :P:P

I do the same to adults if they play the game :P.
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