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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie
And to that point, I personally believe that I bought the software, paid my money, and if I can't use the original disk (for any number or reasons, DiskRot(c), misplaced, and so on (if you've thrown the disk away, you're screwed, IMO, and should buy the software again)) am I morally obliged to buy a new one? That will (in the case of boxed things at least) leave me with two manuals, but only one useable disk.
the concept of property and possess and their application are human constructs, call their applications instruments to do a job; they are constantly revised and rethinked, most of all in face of abstract objects as information and pieces of informations, data.
an ancillar concept to them is the one of usufruct/utilise of said tangible and intangible objects. in art for instance, who's to say where a piece, with all the context of significance it may have along itself, become property of the community? or an idea? law is by no mean perfect, it's just a tool, an approximation: to it morale, while founded it too on concorded values, is a far relative. you feel your right and wrong but you act on law' licit and illicit.
sometimes, in law's wrinkles, like here you feel law to act stupidly.
but you have to accept it (relatively) because at least a majority of rights are (relatively) safeguarded. however i kinda miss the more free days of my youth, on that respect.
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