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Originally Posted by plasmatron
Have a DS with Supercard. But there is not a lot of cool games till now.90% japaneese crap, and just the rest for european and US releases.
The best game so far is NANOSTRAY by ex ABYSS dudes.
But sadly this is the only shoot em up for the DS.

Hope to see looooots more euro releases soon.
Nintendo is going to battle superior hardware with more 'fun to play' games, they say (regarding Revolution). I think that's a good move. I've also heard from people at games studios that they will have freer licensing so that essentially anyone that buys the development kit are allowed to publish games (for the Revolution). They won't interfere with that at all, it's up to the developer to get a publisher and market the game. Let's hope this will be true for DS also.

Jocks and wannabe soldiers can have their PS3 and be bored witless by sports sims and wargames, and leave the really fun stuff for us.
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