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A4k, warpengine040 with 64mb, C64/3D, X-Surf, 2gb SCSI HD on the Warp.

Stock 3.1 install and startup-sequences, added Dopus 4.x, MUI 2.3, MagicWorkbench, and logimouse (no amiga mouse, so using PC mouse).

Used 68040 library that came with WarpEngine, plus the latest 68040 library.

Removed all customisations, same problems (keyboard driven mouse time!).

However, as far as I can see the startup-sequence is NOT OS3.9, it makes refernce to v40.x which is 3.1.

Have just locaed a working floppy drive, and after much hunting a working floppy disk. Reinstalled 3.1, and am now going to "take off and nuke from orbit" install by formatting DH0: and installing from scratch...
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