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Post Elite coming to GBA, But will the GBA's target audience like it ?

I read over at last week that there were plans to launch Elite on the GBA, Now iv'e been playing Elite V2.0 on my new (well 2nd hand) Amiga and it beats the hell out of the crappy Elite Plus I was playing on my PC ( more fights, more bounty money, MUCH better GUI and I can actually manually dock on the Amiga).

Back to the point.............

But with it's long (by today's standards) periods of inaction (the trek from station to station) and its slightly technical side (calculating the best buy's based on target planets economy along with its sci-fi jargon). How do you think the GBA's target audience (~5-14) will receive it?

Didnt they scrap Elite on the Megadrive/Genesis and on the old Gameboy , was this for simular reasons?

On the upside the GBA does have a strong following among the 18+ gamers I saw a thread on the most wanted GBA games over at CVG forums and the top was Speedball 2 along with other oldies like Golden Axe.
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