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well, given the feedback i guess you guys have big configs that already gave you the ability to enjoy full sam'n'max version on your miggy!!

for the ones interested, starting from nogfx scummaga 0.38.2 code (meaning version able to play day of the tentacle to the end), i forced fast mode and replaced the soundengine by a modplayer (based on aminet ptreplay library). i then managed to convert 97 out of the 102 dott general midi files to modules thanks to ptmid and gmplay sample bank (the 5 missings are skipped by the sound engine and were only sound effects).

if anyone interested by what could be the most advanced day of the tentacle version for non expanded amigas, let me know - i'll post it to the zone...

also if any talented musician is willing to improve the conversion of midi files, he is more than welcome.

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