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Originally Posted by quahappy
I've just made a big gamble of buying The Settlers - Heritage of Kings for my PC yesterday... the first game I've bought for PC instead of PS2 for a change, and already I've been up half of last night playing the damn thing! Yeah - fab graphics, atmospheric sfx/music, etc. and a LOT to absorb in this version. But I'm finding fault with it already (maybe cos I'm spoilt with the Amiga one?!)....

No roads! - in the Amiga version, to me it made the whole "city" looked more realistic as your workers toddled along connecting roads.

Landscape generator - where the feck has that gone? Limited to a few custom ones.

No demo mode! - I used to love watching towns rise from the ground / battles being fought, etc. none of this in PC version.

Hey-ho - maybe I'm just nit-picking?! Or it could be that I'm getting old and prefer the simplicity of the Amiga version?

The latest release certainly sounds promising though and I'm REALLY hoping it retains the gameplay of the original Settlers.

yeah it sucks the way they removed the roads i used to love building up a cool road system to stop mass pile up of stuff

i prefer the origanal version aswell
in the remake of sett 2 i can see roads in the screenshots

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