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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
Think the main problem was the jump in price from 8bit machines. Software companies were under the illusion that because 16bit machines were more expensive, then people must be able to afford to pay more for the games.

Most prestige 8 bit titles were £14.99 or less, Amiga traditionally was £25.99.

Once software companies had written their game engines, not a lot was needed to tweak them into becoming different games.

Piracy was always going to happen no matter what the price, but £25 for a game was a lot of money for me. And I bought what I liked to play, but how fucked off would you feel to buy a game, and then complete it the day after you got it?

i think the reason game prices shot up is becuase the 8 bit games were coded by 1 man he used to do everything the gfx sound coding,the 16 bit games were made by a team 1 person did the coding another did the gfx another did the sound,all these guys need paying

i used to pirate so did nearly everyone i bought around 10 games on the amiga and ST

i never felt guilty about pirating i bought every single spectrum becuase they were cheap

i buy every pc game now because i can afford them and im too lazy to search for pirate pc sites that let u download games u always have to vote or some crap
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