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Never simple, is it.

My CD (which is original, direct from H&P), does NOT reflect the FAQ. It would appear to be similar to the SE version in content and fixes, but using the same outward appearance as the original (ie, red, and with (c)2000 on it).

Anyway. It seemed to install correctly. BUT

DOpus launches on startup. MagicWB loads. AmiDock tries, but complains it cannot open resource.library v44. Double clicking on any drive does nothing, machine freezes then reboots.

Removing AmiDock from wbstartup has cured the freeze (well, reboot once and I can display DH0 contents!)

Emergency boot - couldnt create. My floppy is old and temperamental. Trying ot find a blank/expendable DD disk was a challenge!

Lol. Now, whats the difference between 3.1 and 3.9??? ;-)

Edit: spoke too soon. Tried to open CD0: to install internet software.. and its frozen! Rebooted, I can open any hard disk, but double clicking on any drawer freezes the Mig

Hmm, Trying to run HDToolBox also complains unable to open resource.library v44 any ideas?

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