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H&P shipped as a bare CD, no instructions.
Never heard of such. The CD should ship with a small booklet telling you where to start. Also the CD should have 3.9 docs, not 3.5.

Can 3.9 be installed "from scratch" - will the Amiga boot from CD and install from there, or must OS3.9 be installed over an existing setup?
The Amiga cannot boot from CD. You need a running system with access to the CD-ROM. When you run the installer for the first time, you first create an emergency disk. From then on, you can install OS3.9 from scratch: you boot from the emergency disk which gives you access to the CD. The emergency disk boots into OS3.9, so you can try it out before you install it.

Is KS3.1 & OS3.9 compatible with drives >4gb?
Yes, OS 3.9 comes with everything you need.

Either as one large partition on a drive,
No. Because OS3.9 is software only, the boot partition needs to be accessible by the Kickstart's drivers, i.e. it has to be inside the first 4GB of the drive.

or as a partitioned drive (say 500mb DH0: and a 17gb DH1 partitions),
The rest of the drive can be partitioned as you like. Also other HDDs without boot partitions can be partitioned into one large part. I don't know the actual partion size limit, though. There might be problems with partitions larger than 8GB.

using the standard C= filing system?
Be sure you use the file system which comes with OS3.9 (run HDToolbox after you have booted from the emergency disk). Older versions cannot deal with HDDs bigger than 4GB.
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