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I don't consider meself a "n00b" when it comes to the Amiga..... and hardly to EAB even nowadays

CygnusEd... I believe it was an CUAmiga Coverdisk, with v3.5 on it? Anyways, DiskRot(c) has claimed it My point here wasn't just CED, though, it was software in general, and the morality of downloading disks to replace rotten originals.

And to that point, I personally believe that I bought the software, paid my money, and if I can't use the original disk (for any number or reasons, DiskRot(c), misplaced, and so on (if you've thrown the disk away, you're screwed, IMO, and should buy the software again)) am I morally obliged to buy a new one? That will (in the case of boxed things at least) leave me with two manuals, but only one useable disk.

Though some might have a use for my "extra" manual, I don't want my bookshelf to be cluttered with two three four five manuals for the same software, does that make any sense?

And just to make sure, what we call "abandonware" isn't, in the technical sense really abandonware, is it? I mean, none of it is over 50 years old and thus truly free of the copyright rules, especially since the Amiga is only 21 yo this year
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