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so after all that now i have in my front room (in a small media case) a TRUE DOS box (under 98se) with 1.4Ghz CPU and 512MB ram, 64MB GFX and AC97 sound all through my big TV!!!!! MMMmmMMM
Imho quite trashed for a dos box, unless you have a lot of $$$$ , in fact it's a windows box...

I have recently received a quite old p3 450 with 192 mb of ram, i have installed an sb16 on the only isa slot, and installed freedos on a secondary very very old 320 or so MB hd, the primary is dedicated to linux that makes the computer usable if i'll ever need it.

Cpu is so fast that some games ( probably not well programmed ) are unplayable , especially the only one i was a bit interested in ( one must fall, i quite like it ) .

Ended up installing zsnes and playing a bit with it, maybe i'll try also mame for dos and i would like to give a try to grand theft auto when some friend will download it for me ( 330 or so MB... with 56 kb days... ).

You could probably run a DOS game on a DOSBOX running on a PPC
I have tried on an imac g3 233mhz running linux and it's wasn't that fast, anyway i really like dosbox, it's really simple to be used and installed.

As for doom, i played some years ago with prboom, a linux opengl port that handled extended, like 1280x1024, resolutions.
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