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Originally Posted by StarEye
Oh, and which version are you the most impressed of, except the Amiga version.
Well after Amiga it's the Megadrive version i like best. Personally i think the 32-bit Amiga versions are (still) the best, actually Robocod is the reason i got Amiga... i'm more of an Atari ST guy usually and it's the ST version thats most nostalgic to me

Those new Robocods for GBA, DS and PS1/2 have some new leveldesign i don't like to much, the GBA levels are the same as the PS1 have but with smaller visible playarea, it's like comparing the Amiga version with the ST version.

Also strange that the PS2 got it's own release since the PS1 version works on PS2 also (i think)? They look very similar judging by Keropi's screenshots.
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