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I know exactly what blade002 is saying and to some extent i agree however like you say synchro when there are no Amigas left all we have left is emulation!

Forgive me here but gonna rattle on a little about all these swanky new tft screens that are out and to me the experience isn't as good as a crt tube, so far it never will be but the same applies to emulation we KNOW we are Emulating so it takes something away before you even start! I'll prove Blade002's feeling by a game i used to love on the psx Tony hawks pro skater i eventually got a dreamcast and although that looked even better on the DC it wasn't the same as the psx version because of the controller same as playing settlers on the xbox wouldnt be the same because you don't have a mouse it's close but not quite close enough ok i know you can probs run a mouse on the xbox but the screen res isn't the same the sound isn't the same and a million other little things it's just not how it was on the Amiga!

The reason i mentioned tft's etc is because they have took over and it's like ebay only if you want a crt tube which performs better than any tft that i've seen!

The point of this whole post is PRESERVE your Amiga don't let it fade away look after it and most of all love it cause one day it won't be here!
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