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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
Hi Syncro,
did you work out the 1GB (partition?) limit that you had problems with initially? Also it seems WHDLOAD TRIBUTE I and II are already both out on the newsgroups - have you officially released II already?

BTW: thanks in advance for going to all this effort, I'm queueing up the WHDLOAD TRIBUTE I image to download tonight the weekend will be lots of xbox/Amiga goodness!
Tribute1 was out on cd only years ago......Ahh the memories

Theres only Tribute II and the Xbox Expansion Which i just called "Tribute WHD for Xbox" available at the moment.....I really need a better looking Workbench for the next it looks ok on the telly.

There is no way of making a partition any more than 1GB on Winuae or Winuaex ( well there is but it isnt recognised as 2 gig it will only see 1 gig ).....Therefore the Games and Demo directories are added drives

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