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I finished a lot of adventure and RPG games such as Black Crypt, Dungeon Master, all of the Eye of the Beholder and AD&D games, The Pawn, Guild of Thieves and a shitload more I can't remember.

I also finished a lot of shoot-em-ups such as Silkworm, Swiv, R-Type, Xenon 1 & 2 and many more, plus a lot of platformers (Black Tiger, Treasure Island Dizzy etc).

One that I really enjoyed finishing was Moonstone.

There was a lot more, but old age and too many wild times have robbed me of most of my memory. I was never really big on cheating when I played games and even today (I only really play car games, footy and the GTA's on PS2) I get the shits with my mate John because he's always hitting me up to download cheats for his crappy PC games.
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