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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie
For example, I have the coverdisk of some magazine which included the CygnusED, but this disk is now rotten, I keep it to "prove" I have it legally, just in case and such.

Still.... Are we actually alowed to download this kind of software, or should we (in the sense of strict copyright laws and such) buy the software all over again?
This is kind of an interesting example for a few reasons. After not being actively developed for several years, CygnusEd is suddenly being developed again now that APC&TCP have bought the rights to the software. This makes the issue of downloading old versions of CygnusEd that were previously released on magazine coverdisks suddenly contentious (at least for APC&TCP).

Most people mistakenly believe that old Ami magazine coverdisks (now and back in the day) are PD/freeware and may be freely copied. If you go back to the original magazines you will find that this is not the case. They usually had licenses which read along the lines that the coverdisks had to be bought with the magazine and could not be sold separately and could not be offered for resale secondhand. Obviously the last bit wasn't enforced by the mags as the logistics of doing so would have cost them more money than it was worth because usually it was private individuals who were reselling the coverdisks for pocket money.

I recognize the fact that computers are computers, and for as long as they exist there WILL be piracy. But I would like to see what others think of the morality/legal aspect of the issue.
Unfortunately what is morally right plays little or no part in the bottom line of businesses these days (i.e. profit and losses).......and for small business this is understandable to an extent. Morality also doesn't play a part on EAB, only the legal aspect does.........and rightly so because it will only take one commercial license holder to prosecute RCK (or even threaten it) for EAB to close for good. Risking EAB's closure is not really worth the paltry sums that new Amiga commercial software is being sold for nowadays......and that's why mods like Bippy and Retroman make a good fist of a thankless & difficult job in policing this aspect. That's my 2c....

Anyway, I reckon this topic has been done to death on all the forums including EAB. Does the FAQ need more info. or clarity on this aspect for newbies or something?
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