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What are we allowed to download?

With this, I mean commercial software.

For example, I have the coverdisk of some magazine which included the CygnusED, but this disk is now rotten, I keep it to "prove" I have it legally, just in case and such.

Still.... Are we actually alowed to download this kind of software, or should we (in the sense of strict copyright laws and such) buy the software all over again?

With this, I do NOT mean to say "download wahtever you want" or somesuch, I just want a healthy and nice discussion of our morale when it comesdown to these things, which in some cases might actually be a copyright infringement.

I recognize the fact that computers are computers, and for as long as they exist there WILL be piracy. But I would like to see what others think of the morality/legal aspect of the issue.
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