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Originally Posted by Slayer
but really, as long as you don't have to watch a movie who cares how long something takes to burn to media, once it's burnt its done...

I'm beginning to think it's a waste of time anyway... 120 gigs etc are so cheap... I'd rather keep archives on 120 gig hds and simply have another as a back up etc...

some of my collections are so vast 120 gig doesn't even hold the entire collection... imagine swapping out that many 4 gig dvds... argh!

What you're saying makes perfect sense, but I'm kinda sick of having the lids of my A4000s off or unscrewed just in case I have to swap HDs in and out for backup purposes. I find that when I have the lid off the A4000T that I'm tempted to expand it by stuffing more cards and other stuff inside that ends up bringing the whole system down!

Having DVD-RW/RAM drives on my main Amigas will save all the messing around with backup HDs and transferring large chunks of stuff between machines. Will also save me some financial grief too when the shit really hits the fan and I have to bring the A4000T to my technician to sort out!!
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