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Originally Posted by DrBong
Out of curiosity, have you found any workaround for the 2Gb limit on burning?

Tried burning DVDs with the Frying Pan demo at all? Reason I'm asking is I've just ordered a Fast ATA IDE controller for my A4000 from Elbox and am looking at buying a DVD burner. I want to buy one that is supported by Frying Pan. Unfortunately the Frying Pan website only lists support for particular 1x-8x burners, which are quite hard to get hold of now (new or used!). Fortunately there are a few stores here in Oz that still carry stock of the LiteOn models you and Murakami have.
I've tried all manners of pipes to try and use the mkisofs <arg> | dvdrtools <arg> , I've looked at installing other file systems that potentially can at least store an image greater than 2gigs.

I've tried to get programmers interested in providing the code to dvdrtools or cdrtools which will merge the 1 gig output files that mkisofs is capable of... (apparently the code only exists in some dvdprodad equivalent...

And I've tried to utilise some vague references to buring a dvd in multisession (i.e. burn 4 1 gig odd files one after
the other seamlessly)

I almost made the decision to simply burn 2 gig dvds... I mean, hell, they are as cheap as cdroms anyway now...

I will tell you this... it takes makecd 8 mins to burn a full cdrom at 8x...

I'm pretty sure using dvdrtools I burnt 2 gigs of information in less than that... but I can't remember if I write from the cyberscsi in that instance or not...

but really, as long as you don't have to watch a movie who cares how long something takes to burn to media, once it's burnt its done...

I'm beginning to think it's a waste of time anyway... 120 gigs etc are so cheap... I'd rather keep archives on 120 gig hds and simply have another as a back up etc...

some of my collections are so vast 120 gig doesn't even hold the entire collection... imagine swapping out that many 4 gig dvds... argh!

perhaps after I get a few amigaones I'll look at some sort of blue light media... until then... I was happy just to toy around with concepts...

hell, perhaps I'll code the missing parts myself one day
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