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Originally Posted by Slayer
I am using dvdrtools/cdrtools
Out of curiosity, have you found any workaround for the 2Gb limit on burning?

Tried burning DVDs with the Frying Pan demo at all? Reason I'm asking is I've just ordered a Fast ATA IDE controller for my A4000 from Elbox and am looking at buying a DVD burner. I want to buy one that is supported by Frying Pan. Unfortunately the Frying Pan website only lists support for particular 1x-8x burners, which are quite hard to get hold of now (new or used!). Fortunately there are a few stores here in Oz that still carry stock of the LiteOn models you and Murakami have.

Anyone else here doing DVD burning on their Amiga using Frying Pan and a current generation 16x burner? If so, please spill the details
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