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Originally Posted by Murakami
I have an AmigaOne XE-G4 running under AmigaOS4. My DVD writer is a LiteOn SOHW-1673S plugged on a PCI IDE controller. And yes fryinGpan is working at full speed. But it might be different on a slower Amiga.
I suspected as much. There's no way that classic Amigas will burn at high speeds with standard IDE controllers. Probably doubtful even using the Elbox Fast ATA IDE controllers because the CPU still needs to do some grunt work.

Originally Posted by macce2
How about the MasterISO ?! I do know that it's old, though
Old and quite poor IMHO.

Originally Posted by Slayer
cutting in to convey:

my A4000T/060/PPC has installed a slightly different
revision and it works fine for burning cds and dvds

it's the DVDRW SOHW-1693S (LiteOn 16x)

btw, can you upload the shareware version of FP you mention above? that is, not the demo version but an earlier usable version I hope
The original release I spoke of wasn't shareware. It was free, a bit buggy and only burnt CDs. It's on Aminet:

BTW are you using the registered/shareware demo version of Frying Pan with your LiteOn DVD burner or something else?

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