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Originally Posted by StarEye
A little warning about Simon the Sorcerer CD32. While it's nice to have full speech, it also contains NO subtitles, which was incredibly annoying for a dude like me, whose native language isn't english. Simon the Sorcerer AGA was the best version for me - as it contained the same fantastic graphics as the CD32 version, but with subtitles instead of speech.
Agree StarEye... I've been 80% tone-deaf (wear hearing aids), and was quite shocked to see that subtitles had not been included in the CD32 release. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing speech in games, but I can't always catch all they say. All I can say is, good job I've completed the AGA version with subtitles

Yet Simon the Sorcerer 2 has full speech AND subtitles!
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